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How to wash hair extension properly?

First of all, if your hair supplier tell you that you can't wash and blow your hair extension, you must buy cheap fiber hair extension, because this hair is easy to deform after washing and blowing, and it will become frizzy and broken. Therefore, in order to maintain the shape and color of the hair extension, many people are misleading to say that the less wash hair extension is the better.

but in fact, this statement is wrong.Good hair extension, such as virgin hair are completely washable.

Another consideration from the perspective of health and safety, hair extension must be cleaned regularly.

Because although the hair extension doesn't secrete oil. it will inevitably be stained with sweat, oil, dust and some harmful substances when worn, and it is not easy to breed bacteria when it is often cleaned, which is also more conducive to the maintenance of our hair extension.


How long should I wash my hair extension?

This is not very specific time,mainly to see how often you wear it.

if you don't wear it often, you can wash it once before leaving it idle, but if you often wear it, it is more hygienic to wash it once every 3 to 7 days.


How to wash hair extension properly?

There are several points to pay attention to when washing hair extension

1、Before washing the hair extension, you must straighten out your hair first, untangling or cutting the knotted hair to avoid causing more hair to be mixed together during the washing process. Use a pre-conditioning treatment before shampooing, as this reduces the amount of drying.

2、Soak the hair in warm water with shampoo for about 5~10 minutes,  then wash it, add hair conditioner and then wash it again, and then wash it thoroughly with water, can ensure that the hair extension is clean and supple.

3、When washing the hair extension, don't rub it with your hands, Using your fingers to dredge the hair extension and gently grab and rub it.

4、When brushing your hair, always start from the tips of the hair,  gently working your way up towards the roots. Please avoid combing your hair with fine tooth combs.

The reason why hair dryers are not recommended for general hair extension is that hot air can easily cause deformation of chemical fiber filament hair extension, but virgin hair are basically the same as our hair. As long as the temperature is not too high, there will be no problem. And you also don't worry about damage when performing hair dyeing and perming, which is very convenient for us to make various hairstyles everyday.

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